5 Beauty Products that NEED to Be in Your Gym Bag if They’re not Already



No matter what you have in your gym bag, one thing is for sure; no one wants to carry their entire make-up bag and beauty regimen along with them after every workout. Everyone knows the gym bag basics like deodorant, shower gel, and a change of clothes. Some girls carry more than others in their gym bag, but how much is too much? So, what else should you have in your gym bag to make yourself look put together after a workout without carrying too much?

Here are 5 must haves for your gym bag:

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Dry Shampoo

 Maybe your workout goes over time and you fe4a6ffa-9f67-43ab-b3f1-56a78f4891f8_1.020ba04581aca9798d19687b94f0410cdon’t have time to wash your hair. Dry Shampoo is here to help. It fixes the sweaty/greasy hair look in just a couple minutes. With a quick spray along your roots, and a good brush to follow, dry shampoo will give your hair the look and feel of a fresh wash. Dry Shampoo shouldn’t be a replacement for a hair wash all the time, but in a pinch it’ll do the job.

Bonus: Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo can be found in any drug store for pretty cheap AND comes in a travel size to save some space in your bag.


Tinted Moisturizer

s1814482-main-LheroSweating can really dry out your skin, andwashing
your face can dry your skin out even more. A tinted moisturizer not only puts moisture back into your face, but can also add a little bit of light-weight color to cover up any imperfections in a pinch.

Bonus: A tinted moisturizer with SPF like Urban Decay Skin Naked One and Done, provides moisture, light weight coverage, and sun protection benefits all in one.


Oil Blotting Papers944

If you’re anything like me, any form of workout, whether 5 minutes or 50, will cause you to sweat, even after the workout is over. Oil blotting papers allow you to remove excess oil and sweat without ruining that already applied tinted moisturizer. Oil blotting papers will keep your face fresh and looking sweat free for the remainder of the day.

Bonus: Tarte Cosmetics has the option of purchasing oil blotting papers separate, or a compact that includes oil blotting papers and matte finishing powder for those who want a little extra on the go.



clq_ZNT301_402x464I consider myself pretty lucky when it comes to my eyelashes. I’ve always had thick long lashes, but they, like my natural hair, are very light colored. After putting on foundation, BB/CC cream, or a tinted moisturizer, forget it, it’s like my eyelashes aren’t even there. Mascara gives you the little extra definition that draws attention to the eyes without having to do a full eye make over saving you a ton of time.

Bonus: Clinique Flutter to Full Mascara allows you to decide exactly how much product you want to put on your eyelashes with three different options in one. Your perfect look is a dial turn away!


Lipstick/GlossScreen Shot 2017-05-22 at 3.45.23 PM

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like no look is complete without some color on your lips. While I’m personally a fan of matte liquid lipstick, it can really dry out your lips, especially after a long workout. I recommend a creamier textured lipstick or gloss that won’t dry out your lips and still give you a hint of color.

Bonus: Butter London Plush Rush Lipstick gives you a moisturizing lip color in 12 shades!! And has super cute magnetic packaging so you don’t have to worry about the lid falling off and getting lost in your bag.


Now, rounding third and heading home…

These must have beauty products are perfect for after your gym workouts. They help save time and space, all while giving you the appearance that you spent more than 5 minutes on your fresh face make-up look. Even if you aren’t the “going to the gym” type, these beauty products are a still a definite must have on the go.Untitled designJust keep in mind everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to certain make-up, so although the specific recommendations above work for me, they may not work for you, and that’s ok! Find what does work and throw it in your bag!


Leave a comment and let me know what essentials you keep in your gym bag!


2 thoughts on “5 Beauty Products that NEED to Be in Your Gym Bag if They’re not Already

  1. Weird ! If I were to think of my 5 makeup essentials for a post-workout, I would probably choose the same exact items. I have oily skin so oil-blotting papers are a life-saver no matter where I go or what I do! I have been doing my own makeup for almost 10 years, and eyeliner was always my #1 essential product. I only discovered this past year what miracles mascara alone can do to make you look more put together! Great product recommendations 🙂


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