The Good, the Bad, the Dirty: Dumpster Diving into the Newest ‘Beauty Trend’

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In my last post I talked to about 5 Beauty Products that you need in your gym bag. If you don’t have these products already, and don’t have the money to buy them, the newest “beauty trend” might just be your solution. What is this trend that I’m talking about? Glad you asked. I’m talking about dumpster diving.

Yes, you read that right. Dumpster Diving is the newest way to get makeup and other beauty supplies for FREE is digging through garbage, if you’re willing to, but is it worth it? Let me break down the diving basics for you, and you can make that decision on your own.Untitled design

The Good:

Diving for makeup can totally be worth it and help you save a ton of money. Stores like Ulta, Sephora, MAC, and more throw out near perfect makeup that they deem “Unsellable.” Most of the unsellable makeup products end up being brand new palettes with defects, such as a single chipped shade, or unused testers. Some of the products they throw out are also returns, which if you don’t mind a tiny bit of foundation missing from the pump bottle it comes in, then it might still be a good find. After all, you are getting this makeup for free, so a little missing product or a chipped color in an eye shadow palette of 12 colors doesn’t seem like a bad deal. If you’re still a little a little skeptical about using a returned product, you can always spray a little isopropyl alcohol into the product to disinfect it.Untitled design  

The Bad:

I decided to give this new trend a try mainly due to its rise in popularity on YouTube. However, many of the videos on YouTube only show you the glamorous side of the dives where hundreds of dollars of makeup are found, with a box of all the discarded makeup products sitting on top of the rest of the garbage. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. It could take many trips to the dumpsters before finding anything, and you really have no choice in what you find like you would if you were to actually purchase the products. Sometimes the products are even “souped” beyond repair. In other words, employees will destroy the products and empty them into a box creating a makeup soup. They do this to try to deter people from diving, but all employees soup the products differently, so some will just be covered in foundation and others will be completely destroyed. In order to be successful, you’ll most likely need to make multiple trips and dig through the soup before finding anything worth using.Untitled design  

The Dirty:

You have to understand that dumpster diving isn’t ideal if you’re not a fan of getting dirty, because I promise, you WILL get dirty. You are diving through garbage after all. You’re going to want to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting ruined, bring gloves, and keep Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer in your car. So, if you are not willing to get dirty, you might want to skip this trend and just spend the money.Untitled design

Now, Rounding Third and Heading Home…

This Dumpster Diving trend can be pretty rewarding and be super friendly to your wallet, but there are legal issues involved. Before you head out for your first dive, do some research to ensure you aren’t breaking any laws, like trespassing. If you want some more info on this new trend, check out this video from my favorite dumpster diver Jessica Casler, and let me know your experiences involving diving in the comments!


3 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, the Dirty: Dumpster Diving into the Newest ‘Beauty Trend’

  1. I’ve actually never heard of dumpster diving before but this post has opened my eyes a bit into the new trend! I’m not sure that I would participate fully in it as I’m definitely not someone that enjoys getting dirty but also, out of the fear that someone in the store might catch me and I possibly could get in trouble somehow! However, this is such a cool thing to know as an alternative because makeup is uber expensive and I honestly never step foot in Sephora, I mainly go to Ulta if I ever need anything makeup related. I’ll be sure to look out in the future around some stores though and see if I find any usable and “unsouped” makeup (which is so weird, they’re throwing the makeup out I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just let people take it, they’re not losing anything!).


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