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Makeup Brands Without Store Fronts Have the Best Products. Is It True?

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You already know I’m a fan of makeup retail stores because they tend to throw away near perfect products that I can get for free by dumpster diving, but what about Makeup Brands that don’t sell their products in stores? Are they worth spending the money on products and shipping and handling?

I own products from a few online only stores, and can say some are hits while others are a big miss. Here’s a deeper look into four of my favorite and not so favorite Online Only Makeup Brands:Untitled design

Kylie Cosmetics

Ahh, the ever so popular Kylie Jenner launched the first product of her makeup line ‘Kylie Lip Kits’ a little over a year ago. Her brand has gotten some praise and backlash. I’m here as a non-biased party to clarify the pros and cons of shopping this brand. In other words, I don’t love Kylie, I don’t hate Kylie. I’m just here to talk about the makeup, not the person who creates it. I own multiple Kylie Lip Kits, Metal Mattes, Glosses, Kyliners, Kyshadows, and her brush set, all of which I absolutely love. I have yet to purchase or try any Kylighters and blush’s from Kylie Cosmetics, but I’m sure I’ll have some sooner or later.

I first purchased a Kylie Lip Kit just to say that I was fortunate enough to get one before KoKo-K_LipKit.jpgthey sold out. However, after receiving my first purchase and testing out the product, I just couldn’t stop. Kylie’s Liquid Lipstick formula is by far one of the best smudge proof and transfer proof formulas. Each Liquid Lipstick, Gloss, and Metal Matte Lipstick is scented (like cupcakes!) and provides great coverage, without having to use a ton of product. The Kyshadows are super pigmented and Kyliners are amazingly creamy and easy to use.

The price tag for a lip kit may seem expensive, but you’re getting two products, lip liner and liquid lipstick, for just under $30. That’s at most $15 a piece which is basically what you would spend at an Ulta or Sephora for similar products anyway. Shipping is the real deal breaker. It will cost you about $8, unless you spend over $40. My suggestion, have a friend Venmo you some cash and order together. That way you get your Kylie Lip Kit and Free Domestic Shipping. Win Win. Kylie Cosmetics, has my stamp of approval.


Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star is not your typical makeup artist, and that shows throughout his makeup line. His Velour Liquid Lipstick, Lip Ammunition, and Skin Frosts come in some unique colors that most wouldn’t dare to try, and yet, he somehow ALWAYS pulls them off and sells them like crazy. If you’re not as daring, have no fear. His makeup line holds a ton of natural nude and pink colors too.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 12.10.27 AMMy personal favorite from Jeffree Star line is his Skin Frost aka highlighters. These Skin frosts come in a large pan and are super pigmented. Even if I used the same highlighter (I have four) every day, it would still last me over a year. The formula is light-weight and creamy, making it feel like there’s nothing even on your face. The amount of product you receive and the little bit needed to get the brightest glow makes it worth the $29 price tag. Again, Jeffree Star Cosmetics has my stamp of approval.


JD Glow Cosmetics

This brand is a little more under the radar, which completely blows my mind, than some of the other brands I’ll talk about. JD Glow was brought to my attention by a friend, who just so happens to enjoy makeup just as much as I do. How she found out about this brand I will never know, but what I do know is that I got my first product this Christmas; I plan on getting more in the future.


JD Glow has a product called ‘glitter tubes’ and I cannot express how amazing they are.They give your makeup a touch of shine without having to worry about it getting every. The glitter in the tubes are mixed with a special skin and eye safe glitter glue making them semi-water proof and smudge proof. They come in about a dozen colors, and best part of all, they’re only $8.50 plus $6 shipping. This is by far one of the cheaper brands on the list. Although I’m not much of a sparkle person JD Glow has a special place in my heart.


ColourPop Cosmetics

Colourpop seems to be a fan favorite due to its massive color selection and cheap prices. Untitled designIt’s even been called a ‘dupe’ or a close knock off to more popular makeup brands. Now here comes an unpopular opinion, I really dislike colourpop. They pride themselves on being dupes for more expensive brands and that to me makes them unoriginal. Colourpop’s Matte Lipsticks run for $6 and have been deemed ‘perfect dupes’ for Kylie Cosmetics, and although I have to agree the colors are almost perfect matches for a fraction of the price, the formula is far from the same. It doesn’t dry as well and feels a bit stickier than many other liquid lipstick’s that I’ve tried. I’d much rather pay a bit more for a formula that feels comfortable and light-weight on my face. So, sorry Colourpop you don’t make the cut for me.


Untitled design

Now, Rounding Third and Heading Home…

I could have gone on for hours about other online only makeup brands, but I narrowed it down to four just for this post. A majority of online only makeup brands have some incredible products, while others seem to fall below the bar. Bit of advice, if an online only makeup brand is selling foundation, it’s probably best not to buy it if you don’t already own it and know the color matches your skin tone. Let me know what your thoughts are on online only makeup brands, or if you want me to write a review on some brands that I didn’t mention in this post!


3 thoughts on “Makeup Brands Without Store Fronts Have the Best Products. Is It True?

  1. Funny enough, I’ve heard of all these brands before and I have my fair share of opinions on all of them as well! I have to say I disagree with the Colourpop section, as literally almost all my makeup is from them. Their shadows are so creamy and I love them and they give me a lot of coverage. I guess I understand the not liking them because of the dupes and it can seem as though their collections are colors from other things. But at the same time, I think there’s only so many colors lipsticks can have! Plus I’m a person who honestly refuses to spend a lot on makeup so, Colourpop’s dupes work perfectly for me as I don’t have the money to buy Kylie’s lip kits when I can get five lipsticks for the same price! The formula can be a bit dying, I concur but I also think most matte liquid lipsticks are just super drying to me. I’ve never bought anything from Jeffree Star or Kylie Cosmetics. I’ve heard a lot about them both and I’ve heard negative things about both of the brands which turned me off from trying to get it. That and also the price alone! However, I know we all have things that we enjoy spending money on, and those are sometimes things other people don’t understand how you could possibly spend so much on (me with music)! Speaking of JD Glow cosmetics, I’ve heard of them and I follow them on Instagram but I’ve never bought anything from them however from this post, I think I might check them out when I have a little extra cash!


  2. Hey Hayley!

    I loved hearing your opinion on Kylie Cosmetics. The brand is so polarizing!
    I actually mentioned the collaboration Kylie and Kim did for the makeup line in a post a couple weeks back and how I actually prefer to buy matte lipsticks now instead of the glosses. I used to LOVE Kylie’s matte lip glosses, but sometimes I’ll get a color that won’t stay on my lips, or, like my favorite (Kourt K), the gloss will no longer work as well, as if it expired or something. But, when I wear a Kylie lip kit and it actually stays looking good all night, I love it. The glossses are so hit or miss for me!


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