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Live. Laugh. Lush. A Love Story of a Girl and her Bath Bombs.

All Dirty girls have to get clean somehow, right? Whether it’s cleaning up after going to the gym, diving in a dumpster, or after practice, a shower is always the first thing you want to do when you get home. Some people like their showers hot, others cold; some like long, others short. One thing we all can agree on is the relaxation benefits that come with a well deserved, and possibly much needed, shower.

Now, Let me tell you a little story about the true love of my life. Lush Cosmetics, and more specifically, their bath bombs.


Where it all started…

About three years ago, I was apartment searching. I currently had a standing only shower, so when I came across a place with a tub, I was filled with glee. Before college, I would occasionally take a bath in order to relax my muscles after a hard workout, and I lost that perk when I moved into the dorms. I was so excited that I immediately ran my big ol’ butt down the street to the nearest shopping strip. That’s when I first saw Lush. I had heard so many good stories, but never thought I would get the chance to see them in person. Yet, here they were, and I was ready for this long relationship to begin.

As soon as I stepped into Lush’s store, it was a fatal attraction; RIP bank account. It started with bath bombs and bubble bars, then bath oils, face masks, lip scrubs, and soon it was a full-blown addiction. I needed it; I craved it. It was every thing a girl like me had ever dreamed of. We had our ups and downs, just like every couple do, but we solved our problems together.Untitled design

The Present…

Today, three years later, I can say that I am the utmost truest and faithful fan of Lush and their products. Fresh, handmade, cruelty-free products made to perfection; crafted by the gods, aka Lush employees; sending a powerful message.

My favorite products include Twilight, Lava Lamp, a French Kiss, Pink Flamingo, Floating Island, Honey lip scrub, Strawberry Bombshell lip tint, Oatifix, and so many more. Lush already has so many life changing products, and swaps them out based on the season, it makes it so hard to try them all, but I promise you, I will do it. I will try every product they have; even if it kills me.

Now, rounding third and heading home…

I truly don’t think I have anything bad to say about Lush, and it kills me. I want to find something to criticize, just so I can stop spending so much money when I walk into the store. However, I just can’t; No matter how hard I try. Everything leaves your skin feeling so silky smooth. It’s a love to last a lifetime… now all I have to do is wait for that ring?

If you are also in a relationship with Lush, lets talk; hit up the comments.


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